What Wellesley students want: more ethnic/identity studies classes

What Wellesley alums say they wish they had learned: More econ, more quant, personal finance, negotiation.

Playing “finance” and “learning about oppressed cultures” against each other like this — as if a modern top-tier women’s college shouldn’t offer both? — feels kind of… off. Because I am a Wellesley alum. I wish I had taken more of both. Many people I know wish they had taken more of both.

But I guess it’s true that ethnic/queer studies is less likely to get me a plush finance job, though, or help me bump up my salary from $50k to $55k on that swell analyst position. Who cares about oppressed peoples and learning to survive in the white Western heteropatriarchy and the power that comes from understanding yourself when instead we can talk about HOW TO WIN CAPITALISM

But for real, the difference between Ethnic/Queer Studies and econ and quant is that, for example:

  • econ is literally the biggest department in the entire school

For real, Wellesley, let’s back up for a minute. There is a conversation about why women’s colleges don’t always excel at traditional “male fields” such as maths, sciences and finance. Let’s have that conversation! Let’s MAYBE not do it by pissing all over ethnic studies!

Also, why is computer science not on that second list? Turns out that coding is one of the most useful skills you can have these days and tons of alums want to know computers wicked bad. Is it…because it doesn’t fit as easily on either of the “social // fiscal” set of axes that we talk about when we talk about politics?